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Trafalgar Law is awesome!
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Omedetou One Piece - Chopper by annezca

Hope you would like my Fanart and my OCs drawing
thanks :iconkawaiipinkukokoroplz:


One Piece

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 17, 2014, 1:43 PM

Heh, Welcome

Hey Guys This is Ritsu well aka Rin :D I have not made a journal lately well I dont know what to say :D 
Anyway, lately I've been sketching well that is because my wrist still in pain I have not write properly lol

Well anyway I want to draw alot different One Piece characters is just sketches not digital. If you have any suggest then u can comment 

So I want to know who are One Piece fans :D that we can be best buddy. I don't have much friends here where I live that loves One Piece just Naruto and Fairy Tail dont get me wrong I love Naruto and Fairy tail too but One Piece is My number one :D

So who is Your favorite character in One Piece? And why ?

I would say Trafalgar Law and Doflamingo. Law because he is really smart and he is a doctor and I love how he acts towards the Strawhats and oh his power too. I Love Doflamingo. Sure he is an ass but he is very smart he always think outside the box when enemy attacks. I love his creepy laugh and I really want to know the connection between Law and Mingo. :iconembarrasedplz: 

Favorite Arc: I would say Marineford Arc. Well if you watch it you will understand y i like. Is about how Ace's nakama was saving and him and bond between each one others especially White beard and Luffy. :iconhappytearsplz: 

Favorite female character?
I would say Nami. Despite her weakness. She is very strong and smart plus it was arlong arc that made me love her

Favorite paring? I know people say Luffy is goofy to know love but Luffy and Nami make a cute couple then again Im not very strong to pair up in One Piece because is not about romance so yeah One Piece is better without love in it.

Favorite Devil Fruit: Well i want to become a doctor so i want the ope ope no mi :D 

so yeah i love one piece and i starting love Full Metal Alchemist :D haha

Btw i want to say thank you to :iconhikari-i: for giving me a month premium membership. I do not care if is year or so because this actually means alot to me i finally get to try how it feels to become for premium membership for a little while :D

I also like to thanks those who are watching me :D and those who comment and fav my art works it means alot really :iconawwwplz:
Oh i didnt made this skin btw lol idk who did :D 

My Stamps  collection
stamp-trafalgar law by BurbujitafdejabonStamp: Trafalgar Law 2Y by EnjoumouOne Piece Stamp #1 by Lucrx<da:thumb id="356456232"/>
Doflamingo Stamp by BlitzkatzeDonquixote Doflamingo Stamp by sturmsoldat1Doflamingo Stamp by KobatsuDonquixote Doflamingo Stamp! by Firefly-Nightmare
Monkey D. Luffy Stamp by CamelieMimikaLuffy is my life Stamp by CharmingYuutaLuffy Stamp by LiLanChuuLuffy - OP Stamp by Kaorulov
One Piece Sanji Stamp by erjankssanji One piece stamp by titaniaerzaSaNji 1 by Nekome66<da:thumb id="298737132"/>
Stamp of Zoro 3D2Y by GueparddeFeuZoro TwoYL attack stamp by Kaze-yoZoro Portada 540 Stamp by Ibu-kiStamp Zoro by chiharuni
One Piece Nami Stamp by erjanksNami - OP Stamp by KaorulovNami Stamp by CamelieMimikaNami and Chopper-stamp by ingart15
nico robin stamp by ashleighvestiastamp Nico Robin by akaiwineNico Robin Stamp by CamelieMimikaRObiN 1 by Nekome66
One Piece: Tony Tony Chopper by TokisamaChopper stamp by wallabby+COMMISSION FOR CRYSTEL-ROSE+ Stamp of Chopper by GueparddeFeuChopper love - Stamp by Kaorulov
Stamp of Usopp 3D2Y by GueparddeFeu:sogeking stamp: by latino-stockStamp of Usopp by GueparddeFeuUssop and Luffy Besties Stamp by Super-Cheesepuff
Li'l Franky Stamp by merrowmerrowFranky Stamp by CamelieMimika:franky stamp: by latino-stockStamp of Franky 3D2Y by GueparddeFeu
Stamp of Brook 3D2Y by GueparddeFeuBrook Stamp by CamelieMimikaBrook Portada 540 Stamp by Ibu-ki:brook stamp: by latino-stock
<da:thumb id="290351465"/>STRONG WORLD one piece stamp by ZochoMugiwara Kaizoku Stamp by coffeefanatic3462One Piece by Mistress-Cara
stamp luffy ace One piece by titaniaerza<da:thumb id="288035953"/>D. Brothers - Stamp by Kaorulov<da:thumb id="286744961"/>
Dracule Hawk-Eyes Mihawk stamp by Moreno87Phoenix Marco Stamp by EnjoumouShanks Stamp by Kobatsu+Stamp+ OP Team Edward Newgate by TenshiNoFuu
Luffy x Nami - Stamp by xAssiduityxNami x Luffy - Stamp by xAssiduityxLuffy x Nami Stamp by EuffaStamp -OP- LuNa 01 by PJXD23


RinALaw's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Hello my name is ritsu
Im Fan Artist well i can draw animals but that painting style i love to paint i enjoy to o :artist:
what im working on is background, things like cars, houses, building im still learning
Anyway my top anime
:bulletpink: One piece
:bulletblue: Noragami
:bulletorange: Naruto
:bulletgreen: Bleach
:bulletyellow: Fairy Tail
:bulletpink: Maid-sama
:bulletblue: Shugo Chara
:bulletorange: Say i love you
:bulletgreen: My little Monster
Im BIG FAN OF TRAFALGAR LAW AND RYOMA ECHIZEN !!!:D also luffy, eiji, neji, hitsugaya, naruto, ichigo, nami, rukia (she kick ass) hinamori , Misaki (she kick ass in Maid-sama) Usui , Amu Ikuto and alot more
Well yeah im Law Fan now
Creepy Law Bunny Icon by kittykatkanie
I fell in love with him
Trafalgar Law icon 2 by KawaiiJuraculMihawk
the way how he talk and act is awesome but more rude personality than Ryoma o.o
Head Smash- Trafalgar Law by BittersweetHorizon
Law- F U by RinALaw
Well anyway i also am big fan on couples
but more in luffy x nami
LuNa - Icon by Urtear-Milkovich
but also NamiXLaw
i love  nami by Nina1love1 :heart: trafalgar law stamp by Nina1love1 = law x nami Stamp by MellcatNinA

It would be nice to be im law crew

TS Trafalgar Law Jolly Roger Animated by Z-studios

About me:
I live in Texas I'm the oldest in my family though I don't look the oldest.
My family is family of 5 but i have big family though because usually Hispanic have the biggest family{you know like grandma grandpa , uncles, and aunts} Most of my family are born El Salvador
{I swear if you dont know that country go back to school and learn your Geographic !}
Im not in High School anymore I am in college and my biggest goal is to become a doctor and manga-ka i have everything plan out to reach my goal.
How I become an Artist?
Well I started at age 7. I saw a girl in my class drawing "Wink Club" one my favorite show when I was little . I admire her drawing I become her friend really quickly. Her and I draw alot i mean alot XD i even show her a manga call "Tokyo Mew Mew" she found out about the show though and that when we stated liking anime beside "Sailor Moon" and as for me on action, "Dragon Ball"," Pokemon" and "YU-GI-YO" but yeah along those years i become better and better and met more other artist that dont use deviantart though but you would be amaze on their art work. They're the same school with me and cluster. but yeah that how i become artist.
Im glad to have this talent:).

Okay there something you need to know about me
I will draw something for you but it will cost you or I will do it for free depending how you want it. If you want it for free then it has to something my way and it will be sketching also do not rush me either. I am in college now. I am very busy so that is why i hardly draw. I only draw like what three drawings per 5 months or year lol but I will try my best now :D

OH VISIT MY TUMBLR if you have tumblr comment on this account that way i can follow :D haha

Oh if you want me to watch you this is what u need to be
:bulletyellow: A better artist than me or sketches or it doesnt have to be great it can be fanart and i still follow u
:bulletorange: You can try and ask me
:bulletyellow: IF YOUR A TRAFALGAR LAW OR ONE PIECE FAN I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND is not just the watches (I really need more One Piece fans as friends D:)
:bulletorange: if all your drawing is one of my top favorite up there in the introduction
:bulletyellow: it has to get my attention meaning you
:bulletorange: it has to be your own drawings/pictures/cosplay dont steal!

Also i want people honest opinion on my drawings if you see my drawing tell me what you think :D and i might even look who you are and check out your drawings either

:D soooo yeahhhhhhh ~ 2014

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